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Tom Ford bags also include a men’s line. The real ostrich leather carryall for men is priced at a whopping $5,000.  His Canvas Oversized Duffel retails at $2,300. tom ford laptop bagWhile it would be great to invest in these kinds of expensive bags, also keep practicality in mind. Spending over a thousand dollars on a bag alone is too much, how much if it is double or triple that price? A copy Tom Ford bag for men should be enough. As long as you are able to carry your bag well, hardly anyone will notice. Thankfully, men’s bags are less ostentatious. There are lesser frills in men’s bags so it can be easily replicated. You can get a quality-made but cheaper version at below $400. You can even get a discount when the bags are on sale.


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logoAmerican Designer Tom Ford established his own label in 2005 as TOM FORD. The brand sells mesn ans womens clothing, accessories such as sunglasses and has a very good line of fragrances. Before opening his own business in fashion, Tom Ford has had an interesting experience in the fashion world - he worked for famous top brands like Chloe, Gucci, YSL, Perry Ellis. Tom Ford also studied at the University of New York, but soon gave up and continued his studies at the prestigious Parsons The New School for Design. His most important achievement against his own record has been working as a creative director for Gucci.


"Tom Ford the man is a unique and creative individual who has created a brand after his name. His products reflect the design genius in him and can easily be seen in all Tom Ford bags, eyewear and clothing. "


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